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Audio for the Sight Impaired

Image inspiring you to visit beautiful locations around the world

Real Bed and Breakfasts

The world has a myriad of Bed and Breakfast choices in premier locations in every country. From the United States to Europe, Breakfast and a Bed offers the finest selections for lodging in unique locations that are perfect for travelers and couples looking for new authentic experiences in nature, leisure, and the Arts.
  • We feature Bed and Breakfasts that are next to unique and historic places like National Parks, American and European archeological sites and memorials, Museums, and other fun things to do around the world. We are specifically here to offer you unique lodging experiences that hotel chains simply cannot provide.
  • Whether it’s a business trip, a romantic getaway, a road trip, or an anniversary vacation, Breakfast and a Bed Properties are the real choice for the best experience. Here are three convincing reasons why you’ve found the right website. First, Breakfast and a bed is the only Bed and Breakfast website that highlights real licensed bed and breakfast properties (when required by state and local governments) around the world, emphasizing quality that you can trust.
  • Second, we feature only real Bed and Breakfasts that serve a real breakfast and cater to your dietary needs. Third, our members are always rewarded if they book direct and contact the owner directly, bypassing menacing online travel agents that will always gets you the best rate along with other exclusive breakfast and a bed member privileges such as free available upgrades, complimentary treats, parking, and other amenities which vary according to each individual BnB property.
Picture of a healthy breakfast

Healthy Breakfasts

Are you tired of powdered eggs at chain hotels? Are you concerned about your health and what you eat? Well, we have the place for you! Real authentic Breakfast is always served at our properties and each and every breakfast is specifically designed for Modern health conscious and eco-friendly travelers who value local, home grown foods, and authentic experiences.
  • Our locations provide healthy vegan, vegetarian, keto, gluten free, dairy free, or any other reasonable request to cater to your specific dietary need, and if your prefer traditional bacon and eggs, most of us can do that too!
  • Many B&Bs offer a pampering breakfast in bed option, which is an intimate breakfast setting, or you can choose a dining style communal breakfast setting for those wishing to have a great conversation with the owners, staff, and other bnb guests. In addition, some bed and breakfast properties arrange for a breakfast to go option for those who prefer a great home- made gourmet meal to “go” to accommodate your busy schedule.
  • Most Bed and Breakfasts will provide you with memorable breakfast experiences in a fine dining or a casual homestyle ambiance while serving the best gourmet high quality complimentary breakfast meals with a superb and unparallel quality compared to any chain hotel experiences.
Picture of a beautiful suite in a Bed and Breakfast

Find Real B&Bs

Breakfast and a Bed offers an easy to use search function to help you find Real Bed and Breakfasts. Also, we have an easy to use directory if you feel like browsing destinations by country, state, or even by activity. Don’t forget to browse Bucket List B& Bs to find locations you won't want to miss! From the Grand Canyon to the Eiffel tower, we have Bed and Breakfasts near perfectly unique destinations to see during your lifetime!
  • Why search for a Real Bed and Breakfast? In contrast to new Airbnb style properties, Real Bed and Breakfasts offer much more than these vacation rental style properties have to offer. So, what additional services do our Real Bed and Breakfasts provide? Well, a real and legitimate Bed and Breakfast offers a complimentary breakfast that matches your dietary needs, a personalized service, help with your itinerary, dining recommendations that match your style and luxury or high-quality amenities. Moreover, although Airbnb offers some tradition style Bed and Breakfasts, you have to search and filter results to find one, and even then, you may end up at a vacation rental that you thought was a real bed and breakfast.
  • Generally, a real Bed and Breakfast, is not a self-catering Airbnb style vacation rental or an impersonal hotel. A real bed and breakfast is about a full service experience, and is a perfect match for those looking for an authentic adventurous experience you can trust as bed and breakfast properties, in contrast to many Airbnb short term vacation rentals our B&Bs fully licensed and inspected (where required) with historic or romantic flavor near popular destinations such as national parks, waterfalls, historic areas, castles etc., many featuring intimate pools and personal hot tubs.

Image inspiring you to go to beautiful locations around the world

Our Bed and Breakfast Vision is a modern Bed and Breakfast Directory that rests on an innovative vision to prioritize the breakfast experience for guests at legitimate Bed and Breakfast locations. Our Innkeepers provide personalized service and catered to the needs of the modern health-conscious traveler. We highlight the highest quality B&Bs both internationally and within the United States, so our site visitors can always feel comfortable with the real Bed and Breakfasts we have listed.

Unlike sites like AirBnb, our BnB directory gives you direct access owners and innkeepers so guests can " Book Direct", which frequently guarantees the best possible rates. Again, in contrast to sites like Expedia and other OTAs, we do not keep the Innkeepers’ contact information away from potential guests, so they can always contact the Inn or B&B directly with any questions. Our site works in multiple ways; first, feel free to do a direct search for Bed and breakfasts through our convenient voice-activated search bar, or second, you may simply browse BnBs through our country and state page categories, National park and other great getaway categories in order to find the best fit for whatever vacation activity you have in mind.

Transcript of Audio for the Sight Impaired

Welcome to our sight impaired customers and innkeepers to Breakfast and a Bed where we feature Real Bed and Breakfasts located in great locations for experiences in History, culture, Romance and Luxury throughout the world. We have provided this audio track, its transcript, and buttons to allow you to increase the size of the text to make your visit to our website easy and manageable. Whether you're looking for a romantic getaway or just looking for a relaxing weekend, you can either search or browse our locations and find the niche lodging experience to match your needs. The first image shows a woman in a kayak rowing through a placid lake surrounded by mountains. Next, underneath the image are three buttons. The first Button will take the user to register for a customer account. The second button takes the user to our Bed and Breakfast Blog. The third Button redirects Innkeepers to our listing page to list their Bed and Breakfast. On mobile devices, there are only two buttons; one for customers, and one for Innkeepers.
  • Next, there is a category Slider above that contains the following categories, National Park Bed and Breakfasts, which has a listing of our Bed and Breakfasts close to the most beautiful National Parks. The next category is Bucket List Bed and Breakfast, which has Bed and Breakfasts near Bucket List locations like the Eiffle tower and the Grand Canyon. Next is the USA Bed and Breakfast Category, which has listings of Bed and Breakfasts by state.
  • Next, the Rugged Road Trip Bed and Breakfast Category, features Bed and Breakfasts near Hiking, exploring, and spelunking. Next is Healthy Choice Bed and Breakfasts has a listing of Bed and Breakfasts that are health conscious. After the Health-Conscious category is the International Bed and Breakfasts category, which features our Bed and Breakfasts from around the world. Next is History Bed and Breakfasts, which are B&Bs next to great places in world history like American Civil War sites, or French Revolution sites in France. Next, The Romantic Bed and Breakfast category lists the most romantic Bed and Breakfasts for getaways and anniversaries, International Bed and Breakfasts, which features our Bed and Breakfasts from around the world. Lastly there is a slide link that will take you to all categories not listed on the slider. Below the slider are the buttons to increase text size. The next section discusses the fact the Breakfast and a bed has B&Bs that serve real gourmet breakfasts. It also stresses that this is not a website for vacation rentals but only for real bed and breakfasts. The next section is a listing of our featured Bed and breakfast which have links to individual breakfast and a bed web pages.